Reopening Resources

Reopening Guidelines for Businesses

To assist Downtown businesses in their reopening planning, the DWBIA has gathered provincial and sector guidelines to help ensure a safe environment for employees and customers. We’ll continue to update this page as new information is made available.

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MLTSD Retail Business Educational Outreach

To help you ease into reopening and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations pertaining to the REOPENING OF ONTARIO ACT (ROA), the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development have put together for the ease of the businesses, the general compliance rules and specific rules to the various industries including restaurants, personal services, malls, and retail. 

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Reopen & Reconnect Kits

To help you ease into reopening, we’ve put together FREE packages containing resource materials and safety supplies. If you would like to receive a package, please fill out the form below to place your order. Packages will be issues beginning June 1, 2020.

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Reopening Resource Material

To help you ease into reopening, we’ve also uploaded digital version of our decals that can be downloaded and printed.

Roadmap to Recovery

Today we launched Roadmap to Recovery, which takes a comprehensive look at the challenges facing our economy and identifies 51 specific recommendations governments should adopt to overcome the challenges identified. Canada was prepared to do whatever it took to ensure we made it through this pandemic, and we need to apply the same mindset to repairing our economy. Toolkit available here!

COVID-19 Toolkit for Small Business to Safely Reopen

COVID-19 has drastically disrupted activities of daily living for the public, workplaces, and businesses. As the province allows more businesses and workplaces to reopen, it is critical for employers to take the necessary precautions to maintain a safe environment to protect the health and safety of their employees, customers, and the general public.

2020 TWEPI Reopen Plan

Insight on Tour Windsor Essex Pelee Island reopening plan for 2020.

The Importance of Placemaking and Public Space in a Pandemic

Creative use of public space has become integral for providing Downtown businesses an opportunity to expand their offering.

• The role of public space
• Economic value
• Urban isolation
• Placemaking
• Tools to liberate your space
• Examples around the world

Restaurants Canada COVID-19 Reopening Best Practices

Best practices outlined by Restaurants Canada to support restaurants during the initial phase of reopening.

• General best practices for customer areas
• General best practices for staff areas
• Full-service dining best practices
• Self-serve best practices
• Quick-service best practices
• Cleaning and sanitation
• Health and personal hygiene – customers
• Health and personal hygiene – staff
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Restaurants Canada COVID-19 Rapid Recovery Guide

Best practices outlined by Restaurants Canada to support restaurants during the initial phase of reopening.

• Food safety
• Cleaning and sanitation
• Health and personal hygiene
• Physical distancing
• Financial planning
• Training
• Tools and signage

Pandemic Relaunch Toolkit

Resources for restaurants + Bars

The following toolkit is designed to help our clients and industry contacts understand, plan, and mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The toolkit contains clear and concise resources for managing captial, planning for relaunch, and also provides recommendations on adjusting operations and increasing guest engagement in the wake of the crisis. Looking forward, we highlight new ideas of how the restaurant industry can react to the changes in how people eat and drink, brought about by COVID-19.

Retail Recovery Checklists

As retailers and landlords prepare to re-engage the customer, communicating safety, building confidence, and
enticing the consumer are paramount steps. Retailers will need to control every aspect of the store environment and
plan, in detail, the consumer experience and journey in the store. Brands and landlords will need to evaluate air quality,
health and safety standards, touchless technology, and new inventory and logistics models. These new strategies will
vary by location, generation, and over time as the environment changes.

Retail Council of Canada Retail Recovery Playbook

Global best practices for a diverse range of retail formats with the fundamental aim of ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers.

• Customer Health and Safety playbook
• Employee Well-Being playbook
• Retail Operations playbook
• Merchandising & Marketing playbook

Brick & Mortar Guidebook

The Back to Brick & Mortar guide was created by &Access as a trusted resource for business owners preparing to reopen their storefronts.

With only limited protocols currently in place to maintain safe retail
and restaurant environments, we drafted this guidebook in preparation for the reopening of the U.S. economy, understanding that COVID-19 will continue to impact retail for many months to come.

BOMA Pathway Back to Work – Commercial Real Estate and Re-Entry Guide

BOMA Canada recommended pathways for the safe return of tenants, building personnel, visitors, vendors, contractors and others to commercial real estate.

• Building operations – elevators, escalators, lobby control, washroom, food courts
• Vendor supplies – cleaning plans, disposal of PPE, hand sanitization station, HVAC, ventilation, filters, etc.
• Tenant and building communications – signage
• Human resources

ORHMA DineSafe Reopening Guide

A Practical Guide for Reopening and Creating Guest Confidence & Comfort by the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association.