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The Ouellette Car Cruise offers exciting on-ground product sampling and experiential marketing opportunities.

Key attributes include:

  • Reaching large and diverse audiences in Windsor-Region
  • Engaging consumers on a personal level
  • Delivering one-to-one brand experiences
  • Creating tangible and memorable brand or product experiences
  • Fostering emotional connections
  • Increasing exposure and build brand awareness.
  • Increasing social media exposure.
  • Talent access, corporate hosting and hospitality.


The Ouellette Car Cruise can help you increase your corporate and brand visibility through immersive and engaging experiences from a host of branding, sampling, promotional and hospitality options.

Ouellette Car Cruise Offers:

  • High levels of foot traffic with excellent brand building opportunities
  • High density of visitors in sampling locations
  • Audience demographics to fit your brand requirements
  • Opportunities for brand exclusivity
  • Flexible, creative marketing team to help you ensure successful delivery
  • Broader sponsorship opportunities available

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