Curb the Trash

Tired of taking out the trash… only to find the trash bin, well, trashed? Or altogether gone?

We hear you. The Downtown Windsor BIA and the City of Windsor are partnering to curb the issue of stolen or misused garbage bins. We’re eager to have everyone come on board.

Beginning June 1st, the DWBIA will be providing free locks to all DWBIA members. Members will be required to purchase their own chains and secure the bins themselves. However, we believe that these measures will significantly minimize the theft of and vandalism to the bins. And the great news is that the City’s environmental services department have agreed to service the locked bins.

The DWBIA is collaborating with the City and its member businesses to be good stewards of waste bins, which are necessary for cleanliness in the core; this project addresses the misuse and theft of bins, which we know has been a source of frustration for you, our member businesses, and by extension, your visitors and guests.

Once again, the locks will be made available to you free of charge. We hope this brings the theft to a swift end — as well as your frustration at your missing or destroyed waste bins.

Simply complete the form below to request the number of locks required.

Thank you for participating!

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