Knowledge Based Economy

Did you know Windsor is ranked as one of the world’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities by the Intelligent Community Forum? This knowledge-based economy is supported by a post-secondary cluster or properties throughout the downtown, a collection of college and university campuses that help define Windsor as a hub for creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ranked as one of the world’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities by the Intelligent Community Forum, Windsor is fast becoming a knowledge-based economy. The recent influx of post-secondary campuses to the downtown demonstrates that the city is emerging as an education destination. The post-secondary cluster of college and university campuses embraces a new era that recognizes downtown Windsor as a centre of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

St. Clair College has repurposed two downtown properties that house two campuses:

  • St. Clair Centre for the Arts ― a campus for students studying Media, Art and Design and Hospitality.
  • St. MediaPlex Campus ― a 16,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the education of Journalism, Media Convergence and Public Relations.

Excitement is building as the University of Windsor moves downtown, renovates and expands heritage buildings and public space to create exciting learning environments. The campuses include:

  • The School for Arts & Creative Innovation ― The School of Social Work and the Centre for Professional and Executive Education
  • The Film Production Program ― Chatham Street Parkette will be recreated as an outdoor performance and gathering space for student and community use.

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