Business Incentive Program

In an effort to fill previously unoccupied buildings with new businesses, the DWBIA is proud to offer the Business Incentive Program. Its goal to be able to both stimulate and expand upon the development of the downtown core, and offers successful applicants grant funding for a portion of monthly commercial rent of up to 25% (or a maximum $625) for 12 months. Subject to the DWBIA’s budget, new businesses must meet the DWBIA’s eligibility guidelines and must submit a business plan demonstrating their ability remain in business for at least three years. Eligible sectors include drinking and dining services, technology, vintage/antique stores, boutique gyms, home décor and grocery.

City of Windsor Downtown Windsor Community Improvement Plan

The Downtown Windsor Enhancement Strategy and Community Improvement Plan offers grants to encourage projects that will enhance downtown. Grants are offered for the conversion of existing upper storey space to new residential units, the development of new residential units, retail enhancements, and facade improvements.

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