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Global Director of Tooling Operations Position Summary: The Global Director of Tooling Operations is responsible for overseeing and maximizing performance across our global tooling divisions in meeting diverse customer needs. We see significant opportunities in a few key areas, including maximizing the performance of our divisions through improved coordination, and enhancing our operations through an automotive production lens of deconstructing, standardizing, and quantifying every facet of our production process. Furthermore, we are committed to advancing our continued digitization efforts, seamlessly integrating new technologies across all facets of our operation to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and enhance data-driven decision-making. Key Responsibilities: Division Performance Maximization: Lead initiatives to maximize performance across all divisions, ensuring optimal coordination and synergy in operations, and meeting diverse customer needs effectively. Continuous Improvement Leadership: Lead with a philosophy centered on relentless improvement, always striving for operational excellence and efficiency in every aspect of the production process. This includes streamlining the mold design and manufacturing process. Advanced Digitization and Technology Integration: Drive the adoption and integration of advanced digital technologies and automation across all tooling divisions to enhance process efficiency, improve precision, and foster a data-driven culture. This includes implementing IoT and other solutions to optimize production processes and predictive maintenance strategies etc. Business Performance and KPI Management: Re-structure / re-build, monitor and manage key performance indicators, utilizing data to inform strategic decisions and operational improvements. This includes ensuring we have the right systems, the right data and the right applications to action on the KPIs/insights. Financial Management: Oversee financial aspects, including budgeting and profit & loss, for all tooling divisions. Expansion and Integration: Manage any acquisition and integration of additional tooling divisions, aligning them with the companys operational standards and strategic goals. Competencies/Behaviors: Exceptional analytical skills, with an ability to dissect complex issues using a first-principles approach. Willingness to engage directly with projects and lead from the front. Skilled in adapting and integrating new technologies and processes in a dynamic environment. Knack for working well with a wide range of people and cultures. Prioritizes evidence-based decision making and robust KPI management. Demonstrates unwavering drive and motivation to achieve organizational objectives. Qualifications: Extensive experience in tool and mold manufacturing, with exposure/experience to automotive mass production. Demonstrated success in managing and scaling manufacturing facilities. Proven ability in operational management, KPI oversight, and process enhancement. #J-18808-Ljbffrby Jobble

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