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Our client is a construction management and full-service general contractor. They provide design, development, renovation, restoration, and remodeling for hospitality, residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Through a close working relationship with contractors, designers, architects, and engineers, they offer innovative solutions for projects. They constantly strive to provide on-site performance, prioritizing safety, optimum planning, and coordination. Job Purpose Site Supervisor oversee and manage the daily operations and activities on a construction site. Their primary responsibilities include ensuring that construction projects are executed safely, efficiently, and within budget and timeline constraints. The construction site supervisor acts as a link between the project manager and the on-site workers, providing guidance, direction, and supervision to the construction team. Their job purpose is to ensure adherence to quality standards, compliance with regulations and permits, coordination of resources, monitoring progress, resolving issues and conflicts, and maintaining effective communication with stakeholders. Ultimately, the construction site supervisor plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful and timely completion of construction projects while prioritizing safety, quality, and overall project objectives. Duties & Responsibilities Provide on-site supervision and leadership to the construction team, including contractors, subcontractors, and laborers. Ensure that all work is carried out safely, efficiently, and according to project plans and specifications. Monitor and enforce quality standards throughout the construction process. Conduct inspections to ensure that workmanship, materials, and installations meet project requirements. Identify and address any quality issues promptly. Maintain accurate and up-to-date project documentation, including daily logs, progress reports, and site records. Provide regular reports to the project manager, highlighting project status, issues, and potential risks. Oversee the efficient utilization of resources, including labor, equipment, and materials. Plan and coordinate the delivery of materials and equipment to the construction site. Monitor resource usage to stay within budget and timeline constraints. Ensure that all construction activities comply with safety regulations and protocols. Conduct regular safety inspections, identify potential hazards, and take corrective actions to maintain a safe working environment. Promote a culture of safety among the construction team. Respond to any health and safety concerns raised by any workplace party Ensure that all workers work in compliance with the Provincial legislation and the Company Health and Safety program Conduct regular safety talks with all workplace parties active on that site Maintain effective communication with project stakeholders, including the project manager, clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. Facilitate coordination between different trades and disciplines to ensure smooth workflow and resolve any conflicts or issues that arise. Ensure compliance with all relevant building codes, permits, and regulations. Obtain necessary permits and inspections as required by local authorities. Identify and address construction-related problems and challenges in a timely manner. Propose and implement solutions to ensure project progress and minimize delays. Support the development and training of the construction team. Provide guidance, mentorship, and feedback to improve individual and team performance. Qualifications & Skills Required You have at least 7+ years of progressive experience in the commercial and residential building industry as a Site Superintendent You are effective in providing supervision, coordination, and scheduling of construction activities and complete projects on time Have strong leadership and problem solving, able to build trust and working relationships with sub-contractors and team members You have developed competence in areas of safety regulations, workforce management, project execution and quality control Hands on construction experience and supervision Supervisor Safety Awareness training, Working at Heights training, WHMIS training and First Aid training (optional) Own transportation with a valid driver's license Knowledge in the operation/use of materials, tools and equipment

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