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ABC Technologies is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of custom, highly engineered, technical plastics, and light-weight innovations to the North American light vehicle industry. Serving more than 25 major original equipment manufacturer customers in 7 countries, the Company is Molding The Future and is strategically placed to offer vertically integrated product and process solutions through a skilled workforce of over 11,000 team members. Additional information about the Company can be found at www.abctechnologies.com. Job Summary: An EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Operator in a Tooling facility that manufactures injection molds is responsible for operating EDM machines to manufacture mold components for the production of plastic injection molds. Overall, the EDM Operator plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of mold components by using EDM technology to complete mold features that are unable to be completed by traditional machining techniques. Their attention to detail, technical skills, and commitment to quality are essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of the manufactured components. Job Responsibilities: Your supervisor may from time to time ask you to perform other related duties not specifically included in this job description. This job’s key responsibilities include: Machine Setup: The EDM Operator sets up the EDM machine according to specifications provided in CAD data and work instructions. This includes set up of fixturing, workpieces and electrodes. The operator is also responsible for setting the datum and verifying as per work instructions. Programming: EDM machines are CNC-controlled, requiring the operator to generate the EDM program using Siemens NX software. This involves using CAD and electrode data to set the proper settings within the software for optimal erosion rates. Operation: Once the setup and programming are complete, the operator starts the EDM machine and monitors its operation. EDM works by using electrical discharges to erode material from the workpiece. The operator needs to ensure that the process is proceeding correctly and making necessary adjustments to the machine settings to ensure erosion rates are maintained and that the workpiece is being machined to the required dimensions, tolerances and surface finish. Quality Control: Throughout the machining process, the EDM Operator performs regular inspections of the workpiece, this consists of visual and measurable inspections. They check for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and other quality criteria to ensure that the piece meets the required specifications. Maintenance: EDM machines require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The operator is required to keep the machine clean, perform basic routine maintenance and assist the maintenance department as required with repairs and maintenance. Job Qualifications: Education: High School Diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement. Vocational training or certification in machining, CNC operation, or EDM technology can be beneficial. Entry-level positions may require little to no prior experience, especially if the candidate has completed relevant vocational training or certification programs. However, experience working with machining equipment, particularly EDM machines, can be advantageous. 5+ years in EDM Machining Experience and must have the ability to work with minimal supervision. Proficiency in operating EDM machines and related equipment. Knowledge of EDM principles, including spark erosion, electrode materials, and machining parameters. Ability to read and interpret technical drawings, blueprints, and CAD/CAM files. Basic math skills for performing calculations and measurements as well as Microsoft Windows/ Office skills. Familiarity with CNC programming and computerized machining systems. Why ABC? In addition to a workplace that emphasizes respect, teamwork and personal and professional growth, ABC Technologies offers a broad range of health, wellness and financial benefits that promote the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of our employees and help them bring their best self to work, including: Competitive compensation package Competitive PTO Package Employee Group Benefits Employee and Family Assistance Program (TELUS Health) RRSP/DPSP Company Match Educational Assistance Program Perkopolis Program Vehicle Purchase Discounts Social events throughout the year Internal job opportunities

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