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Bluewater Respite Services Inc.

Bluewater Family Support Services is looking for foster families hoping to provide a spark of life for a child in care. In southern Ontario, more than 80% of the children in the care of a local Children’s Aid Society reside with a family. Of those children, 85% moved to a more permanent family within 36 months. Bluewater provides care for those who remain. The children who need our help are not all the same. Different experiences shape their behaviour and emotions. It alters the ways they express themselves and their needs. A child with anxiety and a child with a bad temper have a lot of things in common, but… they are night and day different to live with! Bluewater knows how to help. Since 1982, Bluewater Family Support Services has been providing support to families caring for those children left behind. For almost forty years, Bluewater has been helping families find ways to spark life in troubled children and youth. We know how to help. All child-care money is non-taxable. Oprah Winfrey says biology is the LEAST important part of being a Mom; she is right. Being a Mom is hard; being a Mom of someone else’s children is even harder. Experience has taught us how to help families care for children who need our spark to light up their lives. Your hearts, our heads… We can help. For our program, we hope, children are able to return to their family or are ready for living in the community. Applicants that become successful care providers will be supported by the Bluewater Family Support Services team of social workers and support workers. Bluewater’s team has supported the private foster care of extraordinary children since 1982. Check our website: https://www.bluewatercares.com Qualifications include: a) One of the applicant couple has an education in the human services field; b) Valid Ontario Driver’s License(s); c) A willingness to participate in a home study to qualify as a foster parent; d) Ability to meet all requirements to be eligible to qualify to provide private foster care in Ontario; and e) A willingness to participate in Bluewater’s pre-service training and ongoing in-service professional development. Compensation for this position is non-taxable. Compensation for foster care does NOT impact COVID benefits. Currently, our rate is under review. Job Type: Full-time Salary: $18,000.00-$70,000.00 per year Work Location: In person

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