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Owens Illinois Global Glass

Job Description Hourly Rate: $24.91 Job Responsibilities: * In this position, you will load cartons and carriers onto magazines of erectors and sees that machines and line conveyors continue to operator, monitors automatic bulk or carton palletizer and Depalletizer and verifies the quality of build loads. * Ensures the robots are stocked with dunnage to continue running and ensure load build quality is correct. * Oversees palletizer operation and ensures they continue to run as intended. * Knows when to shut down the robots and notify supervisor or mechanic when needed. * Unjams palletizer by stopping it, removing affected material, and then restarting palletizer. * Observes cartons, dunnage and/or bottles for obvious defects and removes. * Manually places tier sheets, as required, and occasionally manually handles pallets. * Monitor load quality and fix as necessary. * Unjam lines to keep the lines flowing. * Place Held tags on loads that are deemed to be poor quality. * Verify accuracy of and label loads with correct tags. * Builds load manually, as required during breakdown. * Understands staging loads and demonstrates ability to perform this task. * Manually load cartons and carriers on to magazines of carton assembler and carrier erector, and sees that these machines continue to operate and function as designed to do. Involves some button pushing. * Turns off equipment in case of malfunction and notifies supervisor or maintenance. May make minor adjustments on automatic machines such as replacing caps, straightening belts or photo eyes. * Unjams machines and conveyors by stopping and removing materials; notifies maintenance of equipment problems. * Inspects and observes cartons, carriers, partitions, for obvious defects, checks fiber tears and Glue Pattern, notifies foreman of any defects found and record on carton quality check sheet. Discards defective cartons to waste bin. * Remove wraps, straps, cut bands on incoming dunnage prior to loading in robots. * Checks and keeps automatic glue dispenser operating and filled with glue. * Performs all other duties as assigned. General Responsibilities: * Follows all department and plant SOP's and policies. * Cleans work area as part of Good Manufacturing Requirements. * Assists and trains other team members. * Maintains proper reports as required. Recommended Skills Maintenance Manufacturing

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