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Sutherland Global Services, Inc.

Company Description Job Description Sutherland is seeking an attentive and goal-oriented person to join us as an Associate Manager – Malware Analyst. We are a group of driven and hard-working individuals. If you are looking to build a fulfilling career and are confident you have the skills and experience to help us succeed, we want to work with you! Associate Managers in this role get to: Be the Expert: Hands-on experience in reverse engineering. Debugging and Debugger experience using tools such as: ollydbg, windbg, and immunitydg disassembling disassemblers experience using IDA Pro. DA Pro, WinDbg, OllyDbg, Immunity Debugger, Strong knowledge of C C++, Windows API, and Windows OS internals, Reversing unknown file formats & data structures, Reversing unknown TCP IP protocols, Understand unpacking, DE obfuscation, and anti-debugging techniques. Develop tools, signatures, and methods of detection for use with response or hunting activities. Research and develop methods of tracking and detecting malicious acti Qualifications Our most successful candidates will have: – A minimum of three year‘s experience in this field – Availability to present their Github code Opensource Projects or presentations – Bachelors Degree – Ability to work independently and with a group – Excellent written and oral communication skills Additional Information

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