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City of Windsor Employment and Training Services (Windsor)

​1. Plan events for the facility 2. Oversee daily operations 3. Coordinate and run events 4. Recruit, interview, hire and train FOH (Front of House) staff 5. Book all rentals and events 6. Maintain office hours – to show facilities and book events 7. Create a business plan for the employer 8. Promote the facility – Create a marketing plan 9. Create social media platform and execute the plan 10. Report to president and/or council; attend board meetings as required 11. Create billings and invoices 12. Generate quotes for various client event packages 13. Working closely & coordinating with the chef 14. Creating a monthly summary report for events, detailing revenue and expenses; providing a detailed description on event results, including details of any issues to be addressed for future events 15. Preparing copies of guest contracts to be given to the chef and committee before event date 16. Promote and coordinate our Friday Greekfest Take Out events 17. Make events MEMORABLE Other duties may be added by the employer as needed

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