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City of Windsor Employment and Training Services (Windsor)

​Perform front desk and administrative duties, such as making daily cash-outs, keeping a balanced till, organizing and constructing wine-making contracts, processing all customer invoices, handling bottling appointments, properly answer phone calls and taking messages, managing accounts receivable/payable, maintaining purchase orders, controlling inventory, and logistics. Maintain a high level of sales by continually promoting, up-selling, and presenting various products in a professional manner, building customer relationships, regularly researching the market, understanding customer’s wants and needs, as well as developing and creating sales strategies to improve business. Responsible for all steps included in the wine-making process, which entails transitioning grape juice into wine. This process will include duties such as checking airlocks, starting batches, racking, filtering, and mixing of the various wine additives. During high volume seasons an assistant winemaker will be provided either full or part-time. All wine-making processes must be managed and organized properly to ensure customers receive high quality wine on time. Understanding wine and its processes and having the ability to explain knowledge of additives, conditions, regions, and procedures affiliated with the wine to clients. Assist customers with the preparation of wine and provide knowledge and thorough instruction in wine making through presentations and informal training.

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