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Company Description Accelerate your career with a fast-growing global engineering group. At SEGULA Technologies, you’ll work on exciting projects and help shape the future in a company where innovation goes hand in hand with engineering. 3D printing, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, the factory of the future… these are the daily rhythms of our 10,000 ingenious employees, so why not yours? Whether next door or on the other side of the world, at SEGULA Technologies you’ll find the opportunity that will give new meaning to your career! Job Description We are looking for a Thermal Electrical Component Simulation Engineer to join us! Missions: Provide expert guidance to design teams, playing a crucial role within the development team to ensure thermal and electrical components meet functional objectives. Utilize a range of commercial and internal tools for the analysis of batteries, cooling circuits, Electric Drive Modules (EDM), and other electrified components/systems. Design and size internal cooling systems, ensuring operational temperatures remain within specified limits considering material properties, environmental conditions, and performance requirements. Develop comprehensive 0D/1D simulation models based on CAD models and functional specifications to meet design requirements. Engage in the development of thermal models for high, medium, and low voltage battery electric systems, including cable/connector/busbar analyses. Execute thermal model development for EDMs and perform sizing calculations for coolant/oil pumps and heat exchangers. Address the thermal management of lube and cooling circuits for electrified propulsion systems, including heater cores. Convert detailed simulation models to Fast Running Models (FRM)/Real-Time (RT) for efficient analysis. Facilitate the integration of models for comprehensive system-level simulations, ensuring cohesive performance assessment. Lead simulations for battery cell, module, and pack thermal management, as well as cooling control logic, to innovate thermal architecture and management solutions. Analyze simulation results, articulating findings and recommendations through oral presentations and written reports to key stakeholders, including Chief Engineers, Centers of Excellence (COEs), Component Engineers, and Powertrain management as necessary. Support team members with non-standard modeling approaches and contribute to the development and publication of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation. Qualifications Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering, with a specialization in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer, and combustion, establishing a deep theoretical and practical foundation in thermal analysis. In-depth knowledge of automotive engines, transmissions, or drivetrains, understanding their requirements and functionalities to enhance simulation accuracy and relevance. Proven experience in powertrain virtual analysis using industry-standard tools such as Gamma Technologies GT-Suite, demonstrating expertise in applying advanced simulation techniques to real-world challenges. Strong communication skills, capable of effectively presenting complex analysis results to a diverse audience, including technical experts and management, facilitating informed decision-making. Additional Information The position is based in Auburn Hills, MI. The candidate must be eligible to go work in the US. SEGULA TECHNOLOGIES is a company committed to diversity, and we recognize and recruit all kinds of talent.

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