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Dragados Canada Inc.

Perform the Inspections and Tests in accordance with the approved ITPs and produce the pertaining quality records
Verify that test equipment is properly calibrated and maintained as required by the Construction Quality Management Plan
Review the test reports and other quality records generated
Initiate/issuance of Internal Non-Compliance Report once a non-conformity situation has been detected
Carry out quality control activities identified in this CQMP and ITPs
Evaluate and document the quality of Construction Work performed by BNAC Canada, Suppliers and/or Subcontractors, including conformance with PA requirements, and RFC drawings and specifications, fulfilling all the QC assigned activities in the related Inspection and Test Plan
Verify that any equipment that requires so is fit for purpose, is properly calibrated and maintained as required
Identify and report non-compliant Construction Work and supplied product when discovered, and review/ monitor the disposition of non-Compliances
Control the further processing, delivery, installation, or use of non-compliant Construction Work or supplied product until the unsatisfactory conditions are corrected
Coordinate quality activities with Construction and any other agency having jurisdiction, including Utilities and Governmental Authorities
Prepare and maintain quality records pertaining to their assigned portion of work

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