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Fluor Canada Ltd.

Responsibilities/Scope of Work:

• Perform the Inspections and Tests in accordance with the approved ITPs and produce the pertaining quality records.
• Verify that test equipment is properly calibrated and maintained as required by the Construction Quality Management Plan.
• Review the test reports and other quality records generated
• Initiate/issuance of Internal Non-Compliance Report once a non-conformity situation has been detected.
• Carry out quality control activities identified in this CQMP and ITPs.
• Evaluate and document the quality of Construction Work performed by BNAC Canada, Suppliers and/or Subcontractors, including conformance with PA requirements, and RFC drawings and specifications, fulfilling all the QC assigned activities in the related Inspection and Test Plan.
• Verify that any equipment that requires so, is fit for purpose, is properly calibrated and maintained as required.
• Identify and report non-compliant Construction Work and supplied product when discovered, and review/ monitor disposition of non-Compliances.
• Control the further processing, delivery, installation, or use of non-compliant Construction Work or supplied product until the unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.
• Coordinate quality activities with Construction and any other agency having jurisdiction, including Utilities and Governmental Authorities.
• Prepare and maintain quality records pertaining to their assigned portion of work.

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