Lake Shore Honey offers a variety of premium quality natural honey that promote health and wellness. You can sample any variety of our honey, honey spread, honey comb and liquid honey, we also carry bee wax, propolis and bee wax candles. The honey is collected from my own beehives, all my bees are very good taken care for and we do treat them only organic and natural pesticide.
We are working to introduce honey dispenser to reduce the price and excess packaging, we do our share to help the environment.
Lake Shore Honey carry seasonal organic vegetables no pesticide or any other chemical fertilizer we use organic compost and deep well water. We sell what we grow.
Lake Shore Honey also carry homemade jam, assorted pies made with honey, and tomato sauce (no sugar added), this sauce can be used for all pasta, pizza or tomato soup.
Lake Shore Honey willing to delivery our product after farmers market season ends.
We are committed to provide friendly service, great value and high quality product we value your feedback.

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