Cooking with Claus

Santa teams up with local chefs or restaurateurs to present virtual cooking, baking and mixology classes. The shows include Cocktails & Claus, Sides with Santa, and Cooking with Claus.

Cooking with Claus | Chatham Street Diner: Big Breakfast
Cocktails with Claus | Treehouse Bar
Cocktails with Claus | Lefty’s on the O: Candy Cane Martini
Cooking with Claus | A Dog’s Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Cocktails With Claus | Bull & Barrel Urban Saloon
Coffee with Claus | Serratore Bistro Cafe
Cocktails with Claus | Loose Goose Restropub
Cooking with Claus | Billu Bunty Momos: Chicken Momos

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