Artist photo credit: Art Gallery of Windsor

Think elaborate. Impressive. Grand. And you’ve got DERKZ.

Born David Derkatz, DERKZ’s contribution to the Canadian art world has been paintings of considerable size, murals that have illuminated urban Canadian streets and alleyways.

His story began simply; with a can of spray paint, the quiet, unassuming David was inspired by the “graffiti bug,” which for him was the birth of what’s now considered his bolder alter ego, DERKZ. He quickly rose to the top of the graffiti culture, moving to Toronto to hone his craft.

DERKZ was as embraced by the arts scene as he embraced it, selling commissioned piece after commissioned piece and numerous canvas works for premier galleries. In 2017, DERKZ came home to Windsor, where he developed his brand, DERKZ Graffiti & Fine Art. It’s here that he decided to remain true to his foundations: big, empty walls and cans of spray paint.

“There’s a limit on canvas work,” DERKZ has told reporters. “You’re kind of stationed in one place. Whereas with street art and graffiti, you use your whole body on the wall.

“You’re more involved, more immersed in the art. You become part of the wall. It’s never stagnant.”

The Works

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