Art Alley

Art Installations Coming to Downtown Windsor

The Downtown Windsor BIA is thrilled to announce a number of art projects that comprise Phase I of their long-awaited Art Alley.

Art Alley has transformed the Pelissier Street Parking Garage in the downtown core into a vibrant outdoor gallery. The first installations were completed in the spring. The art also forms a backdrop for ongoing downtown events like the weekly Farmers Market and monthly Night Market. Most recently, the enhanced space has served as a dynamic beer garden during night markets.

Exciting new works encompass significant art installations in the core, including graffiti art and a magnificent lampshade art installation. These pieces are being developed by some of the region’s finest artists and brought to the community by the Downtown Windsor Business Revitalization Association, the Downtown Windsor BIA, the Downtown Districting Committee, the City of Windsor, and partner contractors.

Phase I of Art Alley was a Canada Healthy Communities Initiative funded by Government of Canada, and supported by the Community Foundations of Canada and the WindsorEssex Community Foundation.

Supported by:

Community Foundations of Canada
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Phase II of Art Alley Revitalization Now Underway

After a successful launch of Phase I, the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is excited to unveil Phase II of its revitalization of Art Alley.

Phase I saw the Pelissier Street Parking Garage transformed from a bleak, empty space into a vibrant outdoor gallery, with installations now forming backdrops for ongoing downtown events including the weekly Farmers’ Market and monthly Night Market, which hosts a lauded beer garden in tandem.

Lampshade art installations by renowned Canadian artists transformed the alleyway into a functional public space, wrapped Phase I, which has led us to the highly anticipated Phase II.

Artists Derkz and Moises “Luvs” Frank have lent their talents to the parking garage; Derkz’ work can be found on the storage unit at the parking garage to the beer garden, as well as on Copper Rose Distillery’s and Berkshire Enterprise’s properties, while Frank’s work, entitled ‘Bury Me in Lavender Roses’ can be found on 423-437 Ouellette Ave.

Indigenous artist Quinn Smallboy’s work has been unveiled as well; his string art installation can be viewed at the parking garage.

And it’s not over – Phase II will see the brilliant work of another half dozen artists over the coming months.

Phase II of Art Alley is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).