Art Alley

Art Installations Coming to Downtown Windsor

The Downtown Windsor BIA is thrilled to announce a number of art projects that comprise Phase I of their long-awaited Art Alley.

Exciting new works encompass significant art installations in the core, including graffiti art and a magnificent lampshade art installation. These pieces are developed by some of the region’s finest artists and brought to the community by the Downtown Windsor Business Revitalization Association, the Downtown Windsor BIA, the Downtown Districting Committee, the City of Windsor, and partner contractors.

Lampshade Art Installation

The Lampshade Installation project is set to transform the alleyway into an attractive, safe, functional public space, which will increase the footprint of programmable and accessible spaces at the Pelissier Street Parking Garage and the abutting alleyway.

Each of the lampshade artists are renowned in their own right.

Graffiti Art Installations

A special highlight is the work of local graffiti artist, DERKZ.

Supported by:

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