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Ostoro Petahtegoose

The Artist

Ostoro Petahtegoose is Nishinaabe of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek with European descent currently living in Windsor, Ontario (which is also known by Waawiiye’adinong as one of its many place names). They are an Indigiqueer, transgender, nonbinary writer, goldsmith and interdisciplinary artist.
In Ostoro’s personal and professional life, they seek meaningful ways to connect to land, culture, language and identity through the work of building relations while being obsessed with themes of hauntings, and ghosts.

The Work

Lampshade: When places become sites of intended public gatherings, whether that’s for sales of goods, entertainment, celebration, ritual, communion or out of necessity, it’s not just bodies that gather but also a gathering of spirits. Spirits are lit with our own inner flames of passion, ambition, ideologies, beliefs, and drives. These spirits fuel the machines of progress that drive us forward into new eras and new times, ever present and always pushing on. Today, and all days, we gather on this site as spirits that are fueled and fuel, in recognition of the history of this place and time whether for celebration; commerce; entertainment; ritual; communion or out of necessity. We recognize all those who came before us, those among us and those who will come after us. May we all continue to brightly illuminate with our inner fires against all odds, may we find one another and come into community with one another. May we not forget while envisioning futures, illuminating new paths in community with all those around us.

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