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Tony Castro

The Artist

Tony Castro, who goes by the name YNOT, is a mixed media artist based in Windsor, Ontario. He has been drawing, painting, and sculpting since 2009. His pieces have been showcased at a variety of venues including markets, coffee shops, lounges, and private art collections. Tony’s artistic style blends bright colours with iconic pop characters, using an array of mediums including spray paints, acrylic, oil, collage, and marker. As shifting realities become re-envisioned through specific collective practices, the spectator is left with a tribute to the possibilities of his perception.

The Work

When creating this piece, YKNOT says he tried to incorporate things he grew up seeing as a child in Windsor, as well as what he captured from watching Saturday morning cartoons on PBS kids and kids’ WB. YKNOT’s fascination with why Windsor has been dubbed the Rose City inspired him to add elements only the Windsor community would recognize, and adding roses throughout his piece was his way of capturing the city he lovingly calls home.

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