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Qualifications & General Guidelines

  1. A property owner or a designated business representative for any property owner physically located in the downtown geographical boundaries.
  2. A willingness to spend the necessary time and effort to effect proper attention to Board duties.
  3. A dedication and ability to work constructively and harmoniously with fellow Board Members, DWBIA staff, Committee Chair and DWBIA members.
  4. Professional experience enabling the effect of sound judgment in the consideration of proposals coming before the Board as related to the overall objectives.
  5. Courage and ability to have an objective opinion and willingness to face vital issues, notwithstanding the sometimes-controversial nature of the issue.
  6. Commitment to provide leadership to DWBIA efforts and to command the respect of colleagues.
  7. Dedication to inspire others to work in tandem with DWBIA objectives and to motivate fellow members to respond to worthwhile endeavours and causes.

Board Members will be elected from the following sectors:

  • (1) Bar and Nightclubs
  • (1) Commercial Property Owner/Developer
  • (1) Hotel/Tourism/Retail
  • (1) Member at Large (non-licensed establishment)
  • (1) Restaurant (licensed)
  • (1) Restaurant (unlicensed)
  • (1) Retail
  • (2) Professional Services (legal and financial)

NOTE: Maximum of two licensed establishments on Board of Directors.

If you have any questions or require additional forms, please do not hesitate to call the DWBIA office at 519-252-5723. Qualified candidates will be presented to the membership and the Election takes place between 10am-4pm on November 29, 2022.

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