Kids Corner

The Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market (DWFM) Kids Corner is a Windsor arts initiative that started in 2018 to teach families up-cycling crafts for free. For two years, the Kids Corner operated as a drop-in style craft booth that that ran every Saturday morning during the DWFM, but due to COVID it has gone digital.

The Kid’s Corner is just one of the many initiatives within the DWFM that fosters community and learning.

Digital Episodes

EPISODE 1: DIY Craft Book

This craft takes less than 10 minutes and can be made with items you likely have around the house. The books are useful as journals, note books, to-do lists, or sketch books and make great gifts. This craft is also a great introduction to the wonderful world of bookbinding, an art form that is widely under appreciated.

Head on over to Amy’s site The Eco Crafter for detailed instructions.

EPISODE 2: Kid-Friendly Macrame Tutorial

Learn how to make the easiest macrame plant hangers ever. These plant hangers can be made in less than 10 minutes with knots you likely already know using materials you probably have at home or can easily and cheaply source from the hardware store or thrift store.

Head on over to Amy’s site The Eco Crafter for detailed instructions.

EPISODE 3: Painting Ladybugs

Learn how to paint a ladybug in 6 easy steps. This tutorial is good for the whole family to learn together.

Head on over to Amy’s site The Eco Crafter for detailed instructions.

EPISODE 4: Paper Clay Mice

Miss Amy from the Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market Kids Corner teaches how to make paper clay and turn it into cute up-cycled toy mice. Paper clay is great as a cheap and easy play dough alternative, is versatile to make lots of fun things, cost pennies, and is a great way to use household waste.

For a written paper clay recipe visit

EPISODE 5: Zero-Waste Paint Night Ideas

This video offers some creative up-cycled canvas ideas for painting as well as some tips for creating the right environment to encourage creativity while painting with children. Miss Amy from the DWFM Kids Corner shows 4 open-ended painting projects using waste paper from around the house and invites you to come up with your own alternatives to using fresh new paper for each painting project.

EPISODE 6: Upcycled T-shirt Fringed Garland

Take an old t-shirt and make a fun party decoration. Using only scissors and a safety pin, your old t-shirt is easily transformed into DIY birthday decoration or kids bedroom decor. DWFM Kid’s Corner’s Miss Amy takes you through each step of this easy up-cycled craft. Reusable T-shirt bags are another great way to up-cycle a t-shirt. If you don’t want to make your own head over to the Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market to get you free up-cycled t-shirt bag.

EPISODE 7: Corn Husk Butterflies

Learn how to turn corn husks into cute easy butterflies. Amy from DWFM Kid’s Corner will show you how to dry and prepare the waste from your corn into a free eco-friendly craft supply. She will then show you how to turn the dried corn husks in cute butterflies. This craft is great for children of all ages. Butterflies aren’t the only corn husk craft you can make. Experiment and see what else you can come up with.


Welcome back to the Kids Corner! Today, Amy shows us how to make a paper mache pumpkin out of a plastic bag, glue, newspaper strips, and a few other items commonly found around the house.

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