2021 Policy Details & Vendor Information



Vendors must submit a list or details of products with their application form. Products sold at the DWFM must be GROWN, MADE, BAKED, or PRODUCED by the Vendor or be an artisanal Canadian product that is not readily available in grocery stores. Management of the DWFM reserves the right to ask any Vendor to remove any product from sale at any time during the season.

Vendor Space

All vendors must:

  • Provide Table/s for product.
  • Provide Tent/Canopy in good repair.
  • Manage the space around their Site within COVID 19 Protocols (including line up, social distancing)
  • Provide Tablecloths, all health and safety supplies required (i.e., Handwashing Station), and certifications.
  • Minimum 1 (50’) heavy gauge extension cord if Hydro is needed. (1) Heavy duty Power bar if needed.
  • Include Vendor Signage, bring own COVID 19 Protocol supplies (masks, sanitizer, etc.), prices, product information in compliance with DWFM regulations (see signage for further information)

Each approximate 12 x12 space is numbered on the pavement/ground. Vendors will be assigned a location by number on the date of the market. When possible, each Vendor’s location is kept permanent based on the following guidelines:

  1. FULL SEASON Vendors receive a permanent and preferential first choice of locations based on requirements of their booth. The General Manager (GM) will assign this location in consultation with the Vendor and DWFM service requirements. Vendor application and approval will be numbered upon payment of full season. Occasionally, the GM needs to relocate vendors.
  2. HALF SEASON Vendors receive second choice of location based on requirements. When possible, they may return to the same location. Service limits can affect location of all vendors.
  3. OCCASIONAL Vendors receive a location around Full Season and Half Season Vendors based on requirements. When possible, they will be offered the same location (if desired).
  4. There are a limited number of Hydro sites and a limited amount of amperage. Full Season Vendors needing Hydro will receive preference. Vendors receiving Hydro are limited in what may be plugged into amperage in the grid. The General Manager reserves the right to limit access.
  5. There are limited numbers of sites in shade/sun. Vendors should be prepared for this natural occurrence.
  6. Potable water is available from municipal system during REGULAR SEASON. Vendors must bring their own carrying containers. Partnering business(es) help with Water in WINTER MARKET Season.
  7. The General Manager of DWFM and the DWBIA, from time to time, have reasons to adjust Vendor locations. Additionally, municipal authorities, from time to time, have reasons to adjust their policies. All Vendor locations and approvals are subject to change because of changing environmental considerations or safety- without warning or advance notice.
  8. All Vendor vehicles SHALL be off site by 7:30 AM (Regular Season). No Vendor vehicle will return to the site until 1:00PM and AT THE INSTRUCTION OF MARKET STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS.

Permits/Food Safety

Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, inspections and certifications for the sale of their products. This includes health and safety, labeling, etc. All persons handling food must maintain a high-level cleanliness. Vendors who are selling food should consider contacting the Health Unit prior to committing to the DWFM to ensure compliance. Food Handling and Food Safety Courses are offered throughout the year and even online. The DWFM is not responsible for Vendor Registration with the WECHU. Vendors who cannot follow Health Unit regulations will be asked to leave the DWFM (without refund) and/or asked to restrict the content of products brought to the DWFM for sale.

Windsor – Essex County Health Unit Vendor Application
Windsor – Essex County Health Unit Farmers Market & General Market Organizer & Food Vendor Requirements
Windsor – Essex County Health Unit’s Food Handling Course brochure


If you have any questions about the rules and regulations governing our market’s operations, please contact:

Public Health Inspector | Environmental Health Windsor-Essex County Health Unit
1005 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, N9A 4J8
Email: jtan@wechu.org
Ph: 519-258-2146 ext. 1463
Fx: 519-258-8672


Each Vendor’s business name must be clearly displayed. All prices must be clearly marked and displayed prominently. Prices should not be altered during the day unless through verbal negotiation with customers. Signage and vendor presentation is very important. All vendors should strive for an attractive public appearance. DWFM provided COVID-19 precautionary signage should be displayed.

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