The Good Greens Food Reclamation Program improves food systems, increases access to local foods for all, and minimizes food waste the Downtown Windsor Farmers’ Market, the region’s largest weekly farmers’ market boasting a season of 31 weeks annually.

At the close of each market day, unsold produce, baked goods, and prepared foods are often discarded and go to waste. The Good Greens Food Reclamation Program will gather these goods through a team of volunteers, allowing produce, baked goods and prepared foods to be repackaged and sold at a reduced price, or donated.

Our mission is to ensure that low income, at risk and vulnerable populations in the city centre have access to fresh, healthy foods, thereby maintaining a well-balanced and nutritious diet.
By purchasing the excess produce and food, the program:

  • Supports local farmers and food makers, ensuring that they receive payment for their goods
  • Tackles the challenge of accessibility to affordable fresh, healthy food
  • Positively impacts the lives of those facing food insecurity and crisis situations
  • Partners with like-minded community organizations, i.e. The Downtown Mission, the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative, local shelters etc.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

To sustain and grow this vital program, we need your support. By donating to the Good Greens Initiative, you’ll be championing local businesses, combating food waste, and ensuring access to healthy food for downtown Windsor’s low-income and vulnerable residents.

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