Good Greens

Good Greens Food Reclamation Program

The Good Greens Food Reclamation Program improves food systems, increases access to local foods for all, and minimizes food waste the Downtown Windsor Farmers’ Market, the region’s largest weekly farmers’ market boasting a season of 31 weeks annually.

2023 Program Highlights

  • Distributed 1,902 pounds of fresh produce to low income and vulnerable groups in downtown Windsor.
  • Provided 1,669 nutritious meals prepared from donated food.
  • Collaborated with 5 local non-profit organizations to facilitate food distribution.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

To sustain and grow this vital program, we need your support. By donating to the Good Greens Initiative, you’ll be championing local businesses, combating food waste, and ensuring access to healthy food for downtown Windsor’s low-income and vulnerable residents.

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