Winter Works

Winter Works is a thrilling new addition to the beloved and much-hyped multi-week holiday event, which sees programming and activities throughout the core for the duration of the Christmas season.

Winter Works is intended to be a six-week exhibition of immersive, interactive temporary winter art installations, all of which will be designed to incorporate existing street furniture or infrastructure stationed across the downtown, primarily on main and secondary streets.

And for that, artists and architects are called to take up the challenge.

Transforming public space and demonstrating artistic and architectural creativity, the designs should not rely on changing the existing infrastructure in any way, even by structurally fastening, and must serve as a visual anchor for the installations. Along with a proposal that details the concept and desired art installation, proponents must include a digital image, rendering, or illustration.

Winter Works is funded through the Ontario Government’s Reconnect Ontario 2022, and the project is presented in partnership with Art Windsor Essex and the Downtown Windsor Districting Committee.

The Artists

This season, the DWBIA is proud to unveil the work of two prominent local artists for its first-ever Winter Works, a collection of temporary sculptural art displayed in the core.

The Works

Call to Artists

We are looking for artists to submit their work. Online applications are still open.

Generously funded by the Government of Ontario

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